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24 Oct 2018

Independent escort vs Agency Escort in London

London, the grand old city of the United Kingdom, is now amongst the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country. Apart from its numerous tourist attractions, London also is home to numerous start-ups, multi-national corporations, financial institutions and retail hubs. With such excellent business opportunities available, there is no denying the fact that London acts like a magnet which attracts people from all around the globe. People visit London for a variety of reasons such as business, employment, studies or for travelling. When such a cosmopolitan crowd present in the city, there are bound to be equally cosmopolitan entertainment options available. If you are also in London to have a gala time and are looking to enjoy the company of gorgeous London babes, then your search ends with stunning London escorts.

Independent escort vs Agency Escort

These ladies are thorough professionals and have only your satisfaction on their mind. They do not hesitate from going the extra length just to get that smile of satisfaction on your face. Whatever may be your hidden desires or secret fantasies, you just need to whisper it in their ears and they will make sure that it will come to life and you will have the experience of your lifetime. These beauties are extremely well-read and well-educated along with having the experience of travelling to diverse locations. All these qualities add an extra dimension o their charm and makes them an ideal companion for any and every occasion. Whether it is a marriage or just a casual double date or a corporate event, these pretty women could be your perfect companions.

There is so much variety and options for you to choose from that the sheer number of options would leave you amazed. Whatever be your preference in terms of ethnicity, body type or skin colour, you can get it all with London escorts. Whether you are looking for a role play fantasy or some kinky action, these ladies are always at your disposal. You are free to book an in-call appointment or an out-call appointment as per your comfort and convenience. There is also the option to avail a girlfriend experience, where these ladies offer you all the perks of a girlfriend without ever facing any hassles of a usual relationship.

Now, comes the important question. You might be wondering that how can you avail the services of these stunning beauties and book an appointment for your desired time. Read on to know more.

There are two options for you to choose from while booking your companion for the evening or whatever time you want. You can go through a London Escort Agency or avail the services of an independent London escort.

As the name is self-explanatory an independent London escort solicits her services herself, through a website or a London escort directory.You need to contact the girl directly, discuss all the nitty-gritties and book the appointment yourself. While in case of a London escort Agency, you get in touch with an established escort agency and access the girls that are listed on their website. You can access the pictures of the girls and book an appointment with the girl of your choice. These agencies offer professionals services and assure you the safety of your privacy and information.

Now, you might be confused as to which options out of these two is the best choice for you. Here is an analysis to help you make the choice: –

  • Money: – As the agency acts as a middleman between you and the girl, they charge a commission for it which is included in the cost of appointment. The cost of appointment through an agency is going to be slightly higher as compared to cost of appointment with an independent escort. But this additional money offers you various benefits and is totally justified. 
  • Services: – The services offered by escort agencies are totally legit and they comply with all the prevailing rules. With the extreme competition in the market, these agencies strive to offer you the best services at very competitive rates but in case of independent escort there is always a risk factor of being cheated or conned as there is no redressal for your grievances. 
  • Contact: – When you book an appointment with an agency escort, you are not able to contact the girl directly as the agency handles all the communication. Here profile and photograph are all that you get to see before the meeting. While in case of an independent escort, you get to talk with the girl directly and discuss anything and everything that you want. 
  • Anytime service: – Escort agencies provide round the clock services. They have various girls listed with them with varying availability, so you are always assured of getting through with an appointment but in case of an independent escort, you have to manage according to the timings of the girl and might not be able to make last minute bookings. 

With this analysis, it is going to be easy for you to make a decision. No matter which route of appointment booking you choose, you are bound to have an excellent experience in the company of these gorgeous ladies of London.